Kiss a Lot of Women

Kiss women.
Kiss a lot of

In the streets of this town
the papers will be hanging one day,
the papers telling
that you don't exist.

However, be aware,

at least one of them
will stop
at those papers,
and she will recall
how you were

kissing her.


An insane old man
is firing from a machine gun again,
he is throwing the grenades...
Boys are roaring with laughter,
they throw him cigarette ends
into the beer,
but he means it
really seriously.

Pavol Suržin in Slovak Paradise

Pavol Suržin in Slovak Paradise,
already unbodied,
is lightly measuring the morning pathways,
is whistling by vocal cords of birds,
he is fine,
he is so fine,
already unbodied and painless
he is climbing the ladders,
the bridges of foams,
he crosses the river Hornád,
he is smiling from the blueness

of cornflowers.


I see in the mirror
that I'm getting older.

Or is it my death

Where Are You Going

A child was not woken up by the morning bus,
nor by a bulldozer,
not even by dustmen.
But when it heard a silent rustle
of dressing the clothes,
it suddenly opened the eyes,
and asked: Where are you going?