Pavol Hudák

Welcome to the website devoted to outstanding Slovak poet. Literary work of this author fascinates by eloquent hidden meaning of his poems. Maybe you will also become fond of poetry, which will attract not only you, but also future generations.

Mam, take me along with you for a nettle...
I know, tumbled into there as a three years old boy,
you young and lovely one will rush up
to me to pull me out,
I know, you blow on my burnt body,
even though I will be yelling like a mad.

But it is better
than this

Radovan Brenkus

Poetry of Hudák is about seeing the crazy music, about restless, torturing nights, desperate night phone calls with an unknown voice, about searching for water in times of greatest thirst as well as about boozing, so that nothingness as a first-hand experience could get a man out of lethargy, so that it would be somehow possible to experience the happiness. Poet as an observer turns everything upside down, and even if he paralyzes the readerʼs expectations, he leads him to catharsis just like Kahloʼs paintings, in which the modifications of particularly pessimistic backgrounds show the innocence of likeliness, inability of having a sovereign control of own inside – and in this way the poetry par excellence is created.

Pavol Hudák

The poet, which loved mountains and woodland.

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