Pavol HudákPavol Hudák (* on the 7th of October 1959 Vranov nad Topľou – † on the 18th of January 2011 Poprad) is one of the most significant slovak poet on the break of 20th and 21st century. He worked as a journalist and publicist. He made his debut by the collection of poems Peach Twilight (1992) for which he was awarded Ivan Krasko Prize and Janko Kráľ Prize. In addition to this, he published the collections of poems New Year's Eve 1999 (1994) and Eclipse of the Sun (1999). For the second collection of poems he was awarded the VÚB Prize for the best collection of poems for adults. Poet of remarkable sensitivity, of true expression. Laureate of several literary prizes. His poetry is growing out of the country and times in which he lived. He loved the life, perceived the beauty around him, but at the same time he intensively felt and internally experienced human suffering of the past and present. Author of radio show scripts broadcasted by the Slovak Broadcasting Company. His poems were translated into Hungarian, Polish and French (anthology of Slovak contemporary poetry Les jeux charmants de l'aristocratie, publishing house Modrý Peter 1996). On the basis of his previous production, a selective poetic opus Rope in the House of a Hanged Man and Other Poems (2003) was published.